Twistshake Baby Bottle Review – A New Generation of Baby Bottles

The Twistshake bottle is the new generation of baby bottles. Its innovative design was developed together with parents of babies to make sure parents could get what they were looking for.

They asked what parents look for in a baby bottle and the result has been the foundation of the development of Twistshake.

Parents wanted an easy way to store servings of milk powder, a reduction in preparation time, a design that’s easy to grip, a range of appealing colours, a way to dissolve lumps in formula and a bottle that retains heat well.

Twistshake bottles are now here and they do all of the above. You had seen the colourful and attractive bottles on social media and immediately wanted to give them a go.

The practical milk powder container makes milk mixing on the go mess free. You fill it up in advance and when your baby needs a bottle you simply transfer the contents to the bottle and shake and feed. The container holds 100ml which is the equivalent of one serving of baby milk. If you have several containers you can attach them all together. It’s much easier to use these than the traditional 3 compartment milk powder dispenser that we are used to seeing. No milk powder gets stuck and it’s much faster!

The favourite part of the container is that it can also be used as a snack pot. If your child is on cow’s milk so we don’t need a milk powder dispenser but snack pots are always needed. The container is a great size for small hands and it can hold a good amount of chopped up fruit or cereal, for example. You can use it all the time.

The protective cover for the teat can also be used as a snack bowl at home.

Twistshake bottles have a unique anti-colic system called TwistFlow that prevents colic and hinders disruptions of the bottle’s flow.

Thanks to the unique mixer net, there are no undissolved lumps of formula that can clog up the teat and disrupt the natural flow of your baby’s sucking. The sensitive vault in the teat also ventilates the bottle and prevents the creation of vacuum which is also known to reduce colic. This also makes sure the flow is even.

The bottle is much sturdier than other bottles we’ve tried. It also has a wide neck which makes filling the bottle up and washing it so easy. You can even wash the bottle in the dishwasher and it is microwave safe, too.

The teat is designed to resemble nature and be like the mother’s breast to make the transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding smooth and effortless. It’s been developed together with experts in the field who have over 20 years of experience.

The top is flexible to be similar to a nipple which helps retain the natural sucking pattern while the bottom of the teat is soft and bulb shaped to make sure your baby gets the right amount of support. The teat is made from premium super soft silicone and is entirely BPA-free. It comes in four different flows to be suitable for different ages.

The teat really feels quite similar to a nipple and the ridges make it easy for babies to latch on.

The Twistshake bottle is really clever and unique. It’s been well designed and it’s a pleasure to use, both for babies and parents. The lovely range of bright colours is amazing and means you can mix and match to create your own colour combinations. If you prefer a plainer look, the bottles are also available in white/clear.

The Twistshake has been particularly helpful when it comes to formula mixing. With my other bottles, formula would frequently clump up in the nipple. When that occurred, it would often be difficult to break up the clump. You will really appreciate that Twistshake had formula fed babies in mind when they included a “mixer” with their bottles. The mixer creates a sort of screen for the formula to pass through to prevent clumping.

What makes it so special?

  • The Pieces! - We have the Twistshake ALL-IN-ONE. It comes with the container cap, the cap, the silicone teat, the mixer, the container, and the bottle. You will LOVE it that it comes with all of this! This bottle is designed to hold formula inside the container, and then mix it right in the bottle! It’s actually amazing, and SO simple. If your child is not on formula, you can use the container to store snacks and treats for him or her! It’s perfect for traveling and even just to store an on-the-go snack!


  • Anti-Colic Teat!  – The Twistshake teat is designed to mimic a mother’s breast. It makes transitioning from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding super easy! It also contains an anti-colic vault that reduces colic and creates an even flow. There are different sizes you can get to make sure your child is getting the perfect flow for their age. And of course, the teat is made from BPA-free silicone! Colic is no fun to deal with, because we had a variety of bottles, we weren’t exactly sure which ones has appropriate nipples to help prevent colic. All Twistshake nipples have anti-colic valves, so there’s no worrying about buying additional/special nipples for your bottles. The nipple also closely resembles a mother’s nipple, making it easy for babies to transition from being breast to bottle fed.


  • The Colours & Size!- Have you ever seen bottles that are bright and fun to look at?! Yeah, me neither. Until Twistshake! I love the bright, fun colours. It has many variety options for it, they have so many   colours: pink, purple, blue, turquoise, white, black, yellow, green, or orange! Seriously, so much fun. The Twistshake bottle is highly recommended! While you weren’t able to test it with formula, we did test it with regular whole milk. The bottle is awesome. It is so easy to clean. And you will love the little container for snacks! Also, you can actually use the mixer on the bottle to use it to make fruit water! The mixer stops the fruit from getting clogged in the bottle. Most bottles that you purchase at stores here are either clear or have a graphic print on them (monkeys, fire trucks, etc), and while those are totally fine. I’m seriously amazed over the turquoise and peach colours! If you have multiple bottles, you can customize your bottles with different colours! Twistshake bottles come in 8 beautiful colours and 3 different sizes: 6oz, 9oz and 11 oz.

  ·         SIMPLE DESIGN! - There aren’t a whole bunch of parts to be concerned with like some bottles have. The bottle is very easy for babies to hold, and all of the parts can be mixed and matched.

·         BPA FREE! - While think about *most* bottles in the US are BPA free, you do not 100% certain. It is important to check the package when you buy to make sure the product is BPA free. You don’t have to worry with Twistshake, because their products are 100% BPA free!

 ·         FORMULA/SNACK CONTAINER! - All Twistshake bottles come with a container that fits inside the bottle when traveling. The container is perfect for dispensing pre-portioned formula powder into the bottle, or for carrying snacks on the go for older babies! You can easily screw the snack containers to each other to make them more portable and to easily keep track of them.

·         DISHWASHER AND MICROWAVE SAFE! - This bottle is easy to wash by hand, but you can rest easy knowing it’s also dishwasher safe. I’ve had other brands of bottles warp in the dishwasher because I assumed that they were dishwasher safe. It was completely my error, but I was so sad and disappointed to have lost a bottle. The bottle is also well insulated, so warmer liquids will stay warm longer.