How To Choose The Right Baby Clothes

How To Choose The Right Baby Clothes

If you are a first-time parent trying to figure out how to choose the right baby clothes for your little one, well first things first, congratulations! Having the gift of life is one of the biggest and happiest things in the world. With that being said, you must be excited to dress up your little one nicely and comfortably. Let us share with you FIFFY’s guide on how to choose the right baby clothes for your newborn!

1. The material

Regardless of what type of clothing you are going for, be it mittens, booties, onesies, or pyjamas, the most important thing to look at is the material. Babies have sensitive and delicate skin. The type of fabric you choose is crucial to make sure that your little one stays comfortable at all times. In this case, you should always look for clothes that are made with natural materials such as cotton. Cotton is a natural material that is soft and also breathable. Try to avoid synthetic materials if you can. Some hygienic baby clothes even come with antibacterial properties! 

2. Avoid buying too many at once

A common mistake many parents make is that they underestimate how fast their babies actually grow. Babies very often outgrow their clothes within months, and it could be expensive to replace all the old clothes with new ones. Hence, our advice is to buy in moderation. Other than that, some baby clothes nowadays also come with adjustable sizes to keep them fitting for longer. 

3. Function over fashion

It may be tempting to get the latest in-season pieces for your little ones. However, we advise that you should always prioritize comfort over making a fashion statement. Some fancy clothing may come with additional stitches, frills or labels that may irritate your baby’s skin. Hence, we always preach choosing comfort and function over fashion any day. 

4. Safety

While ribbons, frills and buttons may look adorable, they could also present a safety hazard for your little ones. Being curious as they are, they might accidentally rip open a button and ingest it. These clothes are also more difficult to wash as doing it incorrectly may rip off some of the accessories. 

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