Baby Wipes - FIFFY BABY WIPES (100 S X 3 + 30 S)

FIFFY BABY WIPES (100 S X 3 + 30 S)

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➤ Cottony soft and gentle touch to protect your baby’s tender skin

➤ Each wipe infused with aloe vera extract and vitamin E for extra moisturisation to gently soothe baby’s dry skin

➤ Organic Calendula Hydroglycerin for double moisturising and soothing effects for your baby

➤ Alcohol and Paraben free to protect your baby from harmful chemical ingredients

➤ Dermatologically tested to safeguard your baby from skin irritation

➤ Each pack holds 100 sheets with FREE 30s fragrant free pack

➤ Versatile use of the wipes, not only for baby’s face and hand but also to use to clean up after feeding session, spillage and also sticky countertop

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